Setting New Heights for the New Year!

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Are you setting new heights as you communicate, collaborate and connect in 2017?

As you set out to communicate your messages, connect with clients or customers and collaborate on projects in 2017, you need to first evaluate what you did in 2016 and check off what worked and what didn’t.


When communicating, write down a list of messages you want to deliver in 2017. What do you want others to know about your company or service? If you are selling a product, you need to explain why customers need it. Look at the messages you delivered in 2016 and determine what garnered the most feedback or attention. Know what content engaged your customer and perhaps repurpose it for 2017. Content creators deliver messages that are memorable. They write quotable quotes and sound soundbites. You want your messages to be retained and helpful.


When getting connected, first look at what platforms you are using to communicate your messages. Each social network has its purpose. Make sure each site has contact information about you and your company. You should have a strategy for each site such as Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook. You can link some sites with others, if your messages for each are the same. However, you might consider having tailored messages for each site. You should evaluate your website at least once a year to determine if it is still relevant. Is your content fluid or static on your site? You need to keep content fresh and engaging. Share information to customers that is useful. You can do this by starting a blog that is published on your site and perhaps shared on other sites or in trade publications.


When collaborating, keep a calendar of events you might attend that will allow you to naturally network with others. You might find a project to collaborate on in 2017 with someone you haven’t even met yet. There are opportunities throughout the year that surface and you want to be prepared to take on the project even if it means having to collaborate with others. At Denha Media Group, we have collaborated on various client projects with other consultants and agencies. We don’t try to be everything to everybody. We know our strengths and we have a team of experts in various areas we work with who can deliver services that enhance our client needs.

Remember: If you want to grow your company and expand your services, you must set new heights in 2017 when you communicate, connect and collaborate. If you stay status quo, you will remain status quo. Set the three Cs a bit higher as you work to achieve your goals for the New Year!

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