Who We Are


Epiphany Communications & Coaching Group is a boutique communications agency founded in 2010 by Vanessa Denha Garmo. We are content creators and communication strategists.

Our team creates strategic communication plans tailored for each client. These strategies include both traditional public relations, as well as new media. It includes both internal and external communications.

We create and manage your messages. We also guide our clients in creating their own message boards and media platforms.

Our seasoned writers create content for a variety of avenues: magazines, trade publications, websites, press releases, social media pages, blogs, newsletters, advertisements, marketing materials, digital marketing, video scripts, annual reports, apps, speeches and talking points.

“You have to know how to tell your story, if you want others to care about your story and if you want the media to cover your story.”


Content Creation

We work with clients on knowing how to tell their stories. What you say and how you say it affects your relationships, reputation, and future.


As a leadership development coach, Vanessa works one-on-one with clients on careers, leadership, business and organizations.


Vanessa implements specific communications strategies in her coach approach with clients. How we communicate often determines how we lead, how we work with others, and how we build relationships.


Epiphany Communications & Coaching Group change to Epiphany Communications: Coaching & Consulting has produced corporate marketing and feature videos for clients including the MIRA, SME and Chambers of Commerce. In 2012, they were awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Agriculture and produced a 15-minute video to train employees and meat room sanitation. Vanessa is also an Emmy Award-Winning Associate Producer for the documentary she worked on called Kiss the Babies.

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