Multimedia Production


We document reality on video as additional marketing material for you and your company. This service is another way to tell your story. These can be audio or video news packages, podcasts or documentaries.

  • From 1-minute videos to 2-hour specials, our video production team creates a presentation that tells your story to potential clients or to the media. We provide an array of media productions.
  • Conduct interviews and do research on the topic
  • Write a script that conveys the messages needed to tell the story
  • Community coalition consulting that includes creating a plan that effectively allows you to network or sponsor an event or program.
  • Produce a podcast to promote your business and distribute them to stations across the country
  • Provide voice talents appropriate for the story being told
  • Podcasts and videos for commercial or internal use can be uploaded to your website, YouTube, Facebook and various other Internet sites
  • Presentations for meetings, forums, conferences, briefings as well as pitches

“In feature films the director is (like) a god; in documentary films God is the director.”

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