The WRITE Message

““Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin


Our team of seasoned writers is able to clearly and concisely pen your message. We Assess, Create and Execute content for a variety of products.

  • Marketing and Media Kits
  • Websites
  • Publications for associations, trades, companies and organizations
  • Presentations and annual reports for salespeople, experts and CEOs
  • Brochures, programs and any marketing and public relations material
  • Video scripts, commercial spots and voice-overs
  • Grants, including marketing and public relations portions
  • Newsletters, press releases and media advisories
Public Relations

“The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”– George Carlin




The Epiphany team will do the work that will get you the publicity you need. We create a customized and strategic public relations plan bringing awareness of your company or organization. This includes internal and external messaging, using several tools to get your message out. We create a customized approach for all of your communications needs.

The Outside World
  • Research and interviews conducted by our team on latest trends, developments, studies and surveys that will bring visibility and credibility
  • Regular promotion of company news through expert quotes and media coverage
  • Speech writing, speech delivery consulting, brokering invitations to various platforms enabling you and your company to get your message out to a built-in audience
  • Community coalition consulting that includes creating a plan that effectively allows you to network, sponsor an event or program.
  • Combining traditional media with social media to reach a larger audience
  • Finding third-party validators can be done through awards, respected media lists as well as community group mentions and honors.

“I have selected as the title of my remarks tonight ‘The President and the Press.’ Some may suggest that this would be more naturally worded ‘The President Versus the Press.’ But those are not my sentiments tonight.” – John F. Kennedy speech Before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, New York City in 1961.


With several years of experience as professional and award-winning journalists, The Epiphany Communications & Coaching team gives clients access to members of the media who can tell their story.

  • Relationships with local, national and international reporters and media outlets enable us to pitch a variety of stories
  • Understanding of broadcast news, daily papers, as well as nationally known bloggers and columnists enables us to prepare our clients for interviews
  • Having sought out experts as reporters, gives us the knowledge of how to pitch our experts to a variety of assignment editors, producers, columnists, writers, reporters and bloggers
  • Understanding what is a news story and what is not and who would care about your story is key to getting clients the media coverage they need

“Using ‘power copy’ is the key to effective digital communication. If your readers don’t relate your words with your brand, you don’t stand a chance.” – Jeanniey Mullen




In a saturated media world, how do you get your company or product to stand out? Simple and consistent messaging allows your message to be seen and heard.

  • Brainstorming and research allows us to create key-messaging and memorable marketing slogans to promote products and organizations
  • Test marketing a concept or slogan prior to launching to see if it has purpose and is original
  • Utilizing print media, broadcast media, social media and various online services allow your company to reach a broader audience
  • Combining traditional advertising with community purchases, trade publications, brochures, events, advertorials, civic groups, government entities
  • Evaluating the entire scope of your audience – Are you reaching your target?
  • Multimedia Production
Multimedia Production

“In feature films the director is (like) a god; in documentary films God is the director.”– Alfred Hitchcock




We document reality on video as additional marketing material for you and your company. This service is another way to tell your story. These can be audio or video news packages, podcasts or documentaries.

  • From 1-minute videos to 2-hour specials, our video production team creates a presentation that tells your story to potential clients or to the media. We provide an array of media productions.
  • Conduct interviews and do research on the topic
  • Write a script that conveys the messages needed to tell the story
  • Community coalition consulting that includes creating a plan that effectively allows you to network or sponsor an event or program.
  • Produce a podcast to promote your business and distribute them to stations across the country
  • Provide voice talents appropriate for the story being told
  • Podcasts and videos for commercial or internal use can be uploaded to your website, YouTube, Facebook and various other Internet sites
  • Presentations for meetings, forums, conferences, briefings as well as pitches


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