Know the Endgame

Know your goals and create the plan.

Knowing where you want to go is one thing but knowing how to get there is something else.

I often ask clients: What’s Your Story? It’s one of our company’s signature questions.

What’s the Plan? That’s another signature question.

As a coach, I often have question-guided conversations with my clients. They have big goals and small goals. In each session, the client sets the agenda. He shares what he wants to focus on during our time and often, it’s a specific goal in mind. It might be something he wants to accomplish in a week or it’s part of an overall goal for the year or the next five years.

Coaching helps clients create the strategic plan. If you are going to communicate with purpose, to lead a team and accomplish specific goals, you will need a plan.

When I ask the question, I am often helping my client create it. I consult and I coach. I use my communications background to create the strategy with the client.

We first focus on the end game. What are you trying to accomplish? Where are you trying to go? Then, we create the plan to get there. Here are five steps to our strategy.

  • Write down your goals.
  • Create a plan for each goal.
  • Create a calendar of what you will do daily, weekly month to reach the goals.
  • Assess the plan each month.
  • Adjust the plan as needed.

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