Do you have good health habits?

Let’s Get Moving with the 30-Day Healthy Living Program

Do you have ideal health habits? I know I don’t.

It’s why I am venturing on a new journey. I am creating new habits focused on my health. I logged in five miles of walking on Saturday, two miles enjoying the scenic walking path at a nearby park with my daughter.

On this Monday of my birthday, I decided to start the 30-Day Healthy Living Program with Arbonne. I am inviting anyone interested to join me on this journey.

My teenage daughter kick-started her healthy living program with Arbonne protein shakes and still uses them nine months later and more than 30 pounds lighter.

Now it’s time for me to get serious.

It’s Get Moving Monday for me and anyone who wants to join me is welcome. Every Monday I will be sharing a Get Moving Message as we all move towards a healthier lifestyle and towards reaching our goals.

Certified in Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching, I work with clients on various goals: personal goals, professional achievements and career transitions; I would like to include health and wellness. This is a two-pronged approach as I practice what I preach.

I am g

etting back into the Arbonne community, one I was a part of years ago. I always liked the skin-care products but have recently become intrigued with the healthy living program. After seeing my daughter’s success, I wanted to give it a try and work with others who not only want to get healthy on the program but perhaps might want to become an Arbonne Consultant to help others.

If you are ready make some change and create new health habit, contact me.

Let’s get moving!

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