How do we grow in our comfort zones?

A few years ago, my daughter convinced me to zipline while vacationing in Costa Rica. I never imagined ziplining on a small easy course near my home let alone flying at speeds of 20-25 miles per hour on lines up to 50 feet in the air and 780 feet in length.

It wasn’t in my comfort zone, so I thought.

Our adventure began on horseback, riding up to the top of a mountain. We then headed on a zipline that routed us through trees and across the slopes of a mountain. The view was truly breathtaking.

It was scary at first. It was also exciting and exhilarating. When I landed on the last platform, my mindset shifted. I thought, if I could do this, I could do anything.

Going through the Achieving Balanced Well-Being program reminded me of the need to grow in my comfort zone.

I love that I am now trained to facilitate the program to help others change their mindset and reach their potential — to grow in their own comfort zones.

How can you grow in your comfort zone? Are your thinking patterns preventing you from moving forward? Has the pandemic put you in a constant state of fear? These are just a few of the question you can explore through this program and in coaching.

I truly appreciate the leadership of John McNeil and Don Steele for guiding me through the process of Achieving Balanced Well-Being and training me to share it with others.

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