A Tool to Keep You on Task

I am running a small Communications and Coaching business and there are certain tools I use to be more efficient. These tools help me manage my day-to-day operations.

When I was working as a press secretary for a local elected official, he had two people managing schedule. I was bit jealous because I had to manage my own. Today, I use Calendly. I am truly excited about it. This tool helps me manage my client meetings and personal scheduled. I started with the free trial and got hooked.

When you are running a small business like mine, having all the support you can get is essential. Staying on task and using a scheduling tool enables me to focus on the services I need to provide to my clients.

Being organized is a reflection on how you communicate and lead. As a communications strategist, I often work with coaching clients on time management an organization skill and suggest tools to help with my daily tasks. You can easily send clients your calendar using Calendly and they can easily schedule an appointment with you and the time shows up not your calendar.

As small business owners, lets share tools that help us operate more effectively and efficiently. Go to Calendly today and start your free trial.

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