7 Questions to Answer as you set your goals for 2022!

It’s 2022 and you’re thinking about your goals for the new year. Reaching goals and closing gaps takes planning; it involves communicating with clarity and demonstrating leadership over your life.

If your goals include building stronger teams and motivating your talent, you have to listen and learn.

Here are 7 questions to answer as you plan to reach your goals for the new year. As leaders and team builders, you can have team members answer the same question. These questions can apply to both your personal and professional life.

1.   What are my personal and professional goals for 2022 and for the next 5 years?

2.   What could hold me back from achieving my personal and professional goals?

3.   What is my purpose in life, at work and in my family?

4.   What value do I bring to the team?

5.   Where am I allowing the outside world determine who I am and what I am capable of doing?

6.   What would my life look like if I achieved my goals?

7.   As I pray, meditate and discern my future, what direction do I see God leading me in today?

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