Why We Tell Stories

We all have stories to tell, but do you ever ask: Why do we tell them?

There are many reasons. Stories connect us. They help drive a point home and can better explain an important lesson.

In the Christian faith, personal testimonials are powerful ways to evangelize Christ. Sometimes, stories are painful to tell, like the one I helped share in the documentary I co-produced.

A group of dedicated storytellers got together to share the sad narrative of children being caught in the crossfires of gun violence. Retired and former journalists – all award-winning, a retired Detroit police investigator, and an award-winning video director got together with dedicated educators to produce this film. We told this overall story to bring awareness of what we believe to be an American tragedy.

I am a little late sharing, but excited about this documentary that was years in the making.

I appreciate the many people who shared their stories with us and the team that helped produce this documentary – Kiss the Babies – that earned us two Emmy Awards.

I shed a lot of tears and truly learned the meaning of blood, sweat, and tears working on this film.

These stories moved us as producers, and we hope they bring awareness to this pandemic in the country and move people to make a difference.

Think about the stories you know about that need to be told and that can make a difference in the world. How are you telling those stories?

Today, we have many platforms that allow us to share these stories: social media, blogs, newsletters, websites, YouTube, and other avenues that allow us to provide narratives that engage us and educate us.

So, I ask: What’s Your Story?

Watch the award-winning documentary HERE

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