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We have all heard the question: If you could go out to lunch with anyone who would it be?

With my own little twist on it, I would want to be asked: If I could have my dream client today, who would it be?

Not for any political reasons but for my love of strategy, there is no president I would want to work for more than President Trump. I have closely watched this tango he has engaged in with the media for years now, and the two have been in a full embrace since he announced his run for the presidency.

As a communications consultant, there have been many moments I have to believe he is just not heeding the advice of his team. There are things any strategist would recommend not to Tweet. I often wonder, what is going on in that war room of the President, his communications team, and executive staff?

Do I believe there have been media biases against him? Absolutely! There will always be those who dislike him regardless of what he does, or problems he solves. In other instances, he has given reason for the ruckus. He contributed to the circus we all watched leading up to Election Day.

I certainly would not encourage him to respond to anything Rosie O’Donnell would have to say. He has been sparring with her for years but now as the President, you would think it would stop and by him. It doesn’t matter that she and other celebrities are Tweeting in conversation about Trump and Sean Spicer.

He is the President and people expect him to act Presidential.

I have never declared myself as part of any political party. I never will. As a reporter, I have covered many political campaigns and have interviewed many elected officials. As a communications strategist, I have worked for a few. There are good and bad on both sides. There are the talented and the clueless on both sides. There are people who are true public servants and others who only have a personal or political agenda on both sides. I have seen many sides to the political story – enough to know that I need to vote for the person – not the party.

Trump is the perfect point for that case. It was not long ago he looked more like a Democrat than a Republican.

Despite some of my conservative views on some issues, I have had great respect for some political leaders who I have disagreed with on major issues because I saw their dedication and authenticity.

That is what is expected of a public figure or a person for that matter — to be authentic.

I like to believe my media training has given me the ability to be as unbiased as humanly possible. I like to examine and evaluate. I like to ask questions and assess for myself what is going on. My experiences as a journalist have given me a skillset that would do all of us good come Election Day. Don’t just vote for someone because he is part of a party and don’t hate him for the same reasons.

I don’t think in this case with President Trump we can truly gauge what’s going on without being that proverbial fly on the wall or part of the team. If I had the opportunity to consult with the President, I would borrow the Jay Leno question posed to Hugh Grant in 1995, which would apply to so many situations today — what the hell were you thinking?

I would love to ask questions of him and of his communications team. He has had successful moments and some painful ones to watch. I would love to know the thought process in cases when things went so wrong? I am still trying to figure out what he was thinking when he decided to be so divisive in his inaugural speech.

The lack of consistency and his combative delivery is worth a strategy session itself.

If I had a dream project today – it would be to strategize with Trump.

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