How are you using your strengths throughout your day?

As I look at my top 10 talents in my CliftonStrengths® Report, I reflect on how I have used each throughout the day.

Communications is number two for me and since I am a talk show host and a communications strategist, content creator and coach, I use that talent the most. Input is number one for me and consuming information is also something that I view as a strength.

I read books, articles, and blogs on a regular basis.

I also have individualization, intellection, and connectedness in my top 10. I use these three strengths most when I’m tapping into my natural network skills. These are the talents I bring to the table. Regardless of what is in your top 10, there are talents that can be used to help you connect, communicate, and collaborate with others – ultimately helping you reach your goals.

CliftonStrengths® asks us to look at our talents and evaluate how they are helping close gaps and accomplish what we set out to do. Think about all the things you’ve done in the past day. Think of all the people you helped, all the work you accomplished, anything you pushed just a little bit further toward being done

You can take this a step further. Give examples of how you excelled using a talent. If you have not taken a CliftonStrengths® assessment, reach out today and we can register you and include an hour coaching session for special offer.

Questions to help assess your strengths …

Out of everything that you did or thought or felt, what was slightly better than what you’ve done or thought or felt before?

What was slightly better than what someone else could have done?

What was easy and excellent for you?

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