Help team members see coaching as a privilege not a punishment.

I have been working with a client on and off for a couple of years who desired to take deep dives into challenges she was having at work but at the same time, she stopped short of overcoming big obstacles which prevented her from reaching the next level in her growth.

As much as her employer wanted her to be coached to reach her greatest potential and develop into a leader, she often pushed back and would stop coaching for a while.

Coaches have challenges too especially when a client comes to coaching sessions kicking and screaming, because their boss suggested professional development. This particular client didn’t come kicking and screaming but she struggled every time she realized she needed to make serious changes in order to overcome her challenges and fears, when she realized she had major blind spots.

After many sessions and total commitment to the process, she has celebrated some incredible successes, and I am so excited for her. I’ve seen her have “epiphany” moments that helped her move to the next level.

Sometimes it takes a while for a person to be ready for personal growth and it takes time for some people to see the value in coaching and the benefit of the investment the employer is making in them.

Patience is a virtue and one that I have had to work on. I, too, have a coach – in fact I have a couple of them. I invest in professional development and business growth just as I help my clients work on their goals and mindset growth.

I get so excited when my clients have “epiphany” moments, and they grow and reach goals. I’m often amazed by people who view coaching as a punishment instead of a privilege – an opportunity their employer is willing to offer. I sometimes have to remind clients that if their boss didn’t believe in them, they wouldn’t be making the investment.  

There have been employees who refused to take the Strengths Assessment because they “didn’t want it used against him” by their employers. The worst place to live in is fear.

Those deep fears need to be explored and can be explored in both coaching and therapy. Sometimes I have clients working with me and a therapist at the same time and it has been truly beneficial.

In coaching, we explore the opportunities and possibilities as clients move out of fear and in faith in themselves.  What they gain is self-awareness, the ability to reach goals, the opportunity to become the best version of themselves – who God created them to be – and for them to make their dreams a reality.

Coaching is a great privilege and if your employer is willing to make the investment in your personal and professional growth, take advantage of it. Managers, leaders, and co-workers can help others see the value in coaching and in themselves. Remind them, they are worth the investment.

Vanessa Denha Garmo is the founder of Epiphany Communications: Coaching & Coaching where she serves as a Leadership Development Coach, Communications Strategist and Content Creator. She is a certified life and leadership coach as well as a certified Strengths Coach and a facilitator with the Achieving Balanced Well-Being program. She works with clients on developing leadership skills, building teams, communications techniques and growth mindset, She hosts the weekday radio program Epiphany on Ave Maria Radio.

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