Digging Up The Buried Content That Tells Your Story

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When it comes to messaging and marketing, it’s all about the content. You have to know your story but sometimes that valuable information is hidden. So start looking in all your files for that data.

Here are some strategies for creating and reusing that content.

Repurpose it!

When is the last time you took inventory of your content and thought of ways to repurpose it? You may have articles, memos, notes and reports buried in files on your desktop or drawers that can be used to promote your business or service.

As an agency focused on strategic communications and content, we are always looking at information clients have that could be repackaged to help elevate their image and branding.

The content can be used in blogs, social media posts, newsletters and videos.

Blog It!

With steak, it is all about the sizzle. The same goes for content. Founder Vanessa Denha Garmo participated in a webinar with “Marketing Monsoon” Jayne Burch about creating content that sizzles. Our expertise is on being a content-driven communications company that helps our clients craft their stories and market their messages.

Survey It!

Sometimes you have to figure out where you are to know where you are going. This past month, we created surveys for three of our clients so they can better gauge their membership, supporters and clients. We assess the results and report back to our clients so they are aware of where they stand today. We also use the information as part of our communications strategy and content creation.

Record It!

Denha Media has produced a variety of videos for clients. Marketing videos are valuable tools with long shelf lives that can tell your story.

Vanessa Denha Garmo is founder of Denha Media Group.

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