A Look Back at 2018

This past year has proven to be quite fruitful here at Denha Media Group. We have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of organizations and people. For that, we are grateful. From publications and content creation to helping others to effectively communicate their stories, we have been able to continue our services as Communication Strategists and Content Creators. Below are just some of our highlights from 2018.

Our work with the Chaldean News continued this year as we got to be on the ground floor in the Chaldean community, discussing pertinent issues affecting hundreds. During the midterm elections, we spoke with a variety of candidates. From candidates running for governor to candidates running for the Michigan House of Representatives, we wanted to be sure our community was heading to the polls with all the information they needed.

As news broke about investigations throughout the Catholic churches regarding sexual abuse, we decided to sit down with Bishop Francis Kalabat of the Chaldean Diocese to discuss this scandal and a variety of other issues within the church. Bishop Francis spoke candidly about the plight of the Chaldean community in Iraq and some of the issues that plague the church.

Recently, we were delighted to write about a break in the deportation scare that the community has been entrenched in since June 2017. Judge Mark Goldsmith sided with the American Civil Liberties Union and Chaldean community when he handed down a ruling that would allow the remainder of detainees to return to their homes. Just days before Thanksgiving and days before we went to print with the final issue of the year, we were able to include this huge victory.

In addition to the Chaldean News, we have the great pleasure of working for the Midwest Independent Retailers Association (MIRA) – formerly AFPD – in creating their monthly publication, Bottom Line. When writing for Bottom Line, we are writing for independent retailers, family owned businesses. Our work is a way for these retailers and business owners to stay up to date with the changing landscape of the industry.

The retailer industry fluctuates often and we find ourselves regularly writing about these changes in an effort to keep MIRA members up to date on the latest. The work MIRA does for their members is important and at Denha Media, we are spreading the word.

In addition, we have worked with a group of college students to create what would end up being an award-winning magazine. Reflections is a literary magazine that we took the lead on with a group of college students. We worked to cultivate these students’ talents and put them into a publication that would showcase their writing and photography.

Reflections was awarded “3rd Place for Best Magazine, Central Division: Large Colleges” in the Community Colleges Humanities Association (CCHA) 2018 Literary Magazine Competition.

In working with a wide-variety of clients, we come across some truly uplifting stories. In the tail end of this year, we were fortunate enough to work with the dentists at the Dental Implant Center of Royal Oak. Doctors Chady Elhage and Omar Banhawy used their resources to give a once homeless United States Army veteran a new smile. The doctors launched a social media contest to give away a dental makeover and in the pool of entries, it was Robert Baxter’s story that resonated with them.

This story resonated with us, too. We learned a thing or to about appreciating the many things we are given in life, especially things we may take for granted at times. Like our smiles. We got to tell this story and even helped to propel our client’s story into the local news. Fox 2 News Detroit picked up our pitch and featured Doctors Elhage and Banhawy and Mr. Baxter. Take a look for yourself!

The content creation never stops here at Denha Media! We LOVE to create content that conveys our clients’ message. Whether articles for a publication, press releases to pitch to the media, or newsletters for organization members – we love to do it all and have been very fortunate to do so.

Taking to technology, we work with clients to create and/or revamp their websites. Whether working with a non-profit organization or a product builder of some sort, every one of our clients understands that a clean website is necessary. Their website is one of the first things a potential member or customer will see – it MUST reflect the organization or company accurately and make a good impression. Currently, we’re working with AlphaUSA in Livonia to revamp their website.

We create newsletters for clients like the Divine Mercy Center and the Eastern Catholic Re Evangelization Center. Both of these clients are non-profit lay ministries. They are completely funded by the generosity of their members. It is through their members and several volunteers that they are able to keep their doors open and continue to make an impact in their respective communities.

With organizations like the Divine Mercy Center and ECRC, Denha Media works with them to spread the word. Using their monthly or weekly newsletters, we create content to showcase the many moving parts of each organization. From events and programs to the ministries’ various needs, the newsletters we create have proven to be an excellent way to spread the word.

We also work with ECRC’s Mar Toma Productions to produce a number of shows. With these shows, there is something for everybody. Shows like Encountering Jesus focus specifically on scripture while shows like Christ Centered Communications are about taking what we learn from scripture and applying it to our every day lives. All the videos, though, are centered around ECRC’s mission of evangelizing the faith. Through our help with production, we make this mission possible.

#GivingTuesday, for example, was an especially important day for both of these ministries as we created newsletters to garner attention and donations. We helped communicate their needs so that they could continue fulfilling their various goals and missions.

In addition to non-profits, we work with businesses like Running Right Heating and Cooling to increase their visibility. In an age of increased social media use, we help our clients find their audience through their social media platforms. Through a monthly newsletter and the utilization of social media, we are able to help Running Right Heating and Cooling do just that!

This year has been eventful for Denha Media Group and we look forward to continuing in helping our clients tell their stories. See you in 2019!

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