10 Questions you need to ask yourself before creating website content

It amazes me how many web designers that I talk with create websites for clients who have no content.  So, you realize your company needs a website or an updated one but you have only thought out the design and not the messages.  As content creators, we focus on all platforms, including websites, and are often referred to by web designers to write content. We create written landing pages to entire websites.  Over the years, we have created the top 10 questions people need to ask before we create the website content.

  1. What is my message? You need to first ask yourself why are you creating a website. Is it just to have one?  What do you want that website to communicate?
  2. Who cares?  My news editor asked me that question when we talked about what news stories should go on the air. You need to know your own audience. Who are you trying to reach? What do you want them to do? What do they care about?DMG has helped D & B Grocers Wholesale Inc. in keeping their website current.
  3. How will I keep the site current? Nothing is worse than a static website. You must keep the content fluid and updated. This is where a blog page comes in handy.  You can also add vlogs and podcasts.  This helps with SEO’s and other marketing campaigns.
  4. How can I re-purpose my content? At DMG, we are always talking to clients about re-purposing content.  There are many platforms to send messages, including social media, which should be used to drive traffic to your site. You can also use the content in digital marketing campaigns. Your web content should be the main content that you create and from there you can re-purpose it for other uses.
  5. What am I offering my clients/customers or potential ones? Many of us are offering services or products that solve problems. Does your website content convey that message?
  6. What is my story? You need to know your own story before others will care about your business or service. What sets you apart? Why are you in the business?
  7. What images help tell my story? People love photos and these photos can be repurposed on social media sites. Images can include graphics, charts and other images.
  8. Who are my competitors? Any time I work with clients on websites, we go to websites of their competitors and evaluate what they like and don’t like about each one.  This is like getting three bids when hiring someone. You should look at three different website that are in your industry.DMG has also helped ECRC in minimizing the amount of tabs on their website.
  9. How many tabs do I want on the home page? You need to know what are your main offerings and main messages. What will be tabs and what will be sub-tabs. I have run into this issue numerous times when clients don’t know what they want as main tabs.
  10. What images and content do I want on my home page? This is imperative. They say don’t judge a book by its cover? Your entire website could be judged by its homepage.  You have seconds to grabs someone’s attention.  Your homepage sends an important message that will either entice someone to click on tabs or click off your website.

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